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Our Story


In the fall of 2012 what started as a way to use the excess vegetables in our backyard garden turned into a tasteful and mouthwatering hot pepper sauce. After getting creative in our home by blending different ingredients to perfect our recipe we gave our pepper sauce to family, friends and co-workers. After trying our pepper sauce they were raving about its unique flavor and heat.


People began sharing with us all of the things they enjoyed Pallotta Hot with and we were surprised to hear of some of the foods our sauce was being used with. Not only did they use it on regular hot sauce foods like wings and tacos but they were spreading it on hamburgers and hot dogs, sausage, chicken, eggs and mixing it with mayo for sandwiches. People were even making bruschetta with it, mixing it in chili and even sauteing with it. As our following grew we decided we wanted to share the pepper sauce that everyone was raving about with you and Pallotta Hot was born.



Here at Pallotta Hot words like “homemade” and “fresh” are not only catch phrases but also a part of our beliefs and vision. We truly believe that in order to give you the perfect tasting pepper sauce only the freshest peppers can be used. Our commitment to offering you the highest quality pepper sauce is uncompromising and intense. Try it and Pallotta Hot will be a staple in your home.