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The first ever Pallotta Hot pepper sauce, our Original Pepper Sauce is always a fan favorite. Using the milder heat but sweet Italian long hot peppers as its pepper base, these peppers mend incredibly well with the freshness of the tomatoes, garlic and spices. Although this pepper sauce uses a mild pepper, it does pack a little punch to it. First taste the freshness of the peppers, tomato and garlic, but watch out, the heat is sneaky but tolerable.

Pairs best with Italian sausage, eggs, grilled or baked chicken, chicken wings, pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers. Mix it in with your chili or mix it with mayonnaise and spread it on sandwiches. Also saute chicken and rice or sear steaks and ribs with it.

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Ingredients: Italian Long Hot Pepper, Tomato, Garlic, Red Wine Vinegar, Spices, Salt, Water

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6 reviews for Original Pepper Sauce

  1. JP


  2. Rory M

    This is my favorite sauce. I bought it from a local farmers market and have been back several times to buy more. We put it on just about everything. It has a wonderful taste that’s deep, fresh, and earthy. It’s too hot and has just the right amount of heat. I put it on tacos, hotdogs, pizza, sandwiches, it’s awesome!

  3. admin

    Reviewed by Hotsaucefan on August 18th, 2017

    o Taste: 5
    o Aroma: 5
    o Looks: 5
    o Heat: 4
    o Label: 5

    beautiful color and wonderful texture

    perfect blend of peppers and spices

    The taste and texture are unique and incredibly fresh! It packs a nice little punch of heat and adds a ton of flavor to just about any food!!

    PallottaHot has just the right amount of heat, it allows you to still enjoy your food by enhancing flavor.

    I try new hot sauces everywhere I travel and this is by far one of my favorites. It simply pairs well with everything and does not overpower the food you are putting it on. The things I love most are the freshness, the texture and the perfect amount of heat for me. I have literally put this sauce on everything and LOVE it!!!

  4. admin

    Reviewed by HotgirlK on August 31st, 2017

    o Taste: 5
    o Aroma: 4.6
    o Looks: 4.8
    o Heat: 4.5
    o Label: 4.8

    Lots of texture, not watery, it’s in a glass jar and you need a spoon to apply to the food.

    Fresh smelling, you can notice the pepper smell right away

    The pepper is the first powerful taste, then the heat hits. I tried it on tacos and pizza and it paired very well without overpowering the food.

    Flavor the pepper hits you first, then the burn

    The freshness of the pepper comes through. The thick consistency is very different than other Pepper sauces and refreshing. Overall, unique and very flavorful with the right amount of heat.

  5. admin

    Reviewed by Marty Coleman on September 1st, 2017

    o Taste: 5
    o Aroma: 4.6
    o Looks: 5
    o Heat: 2.9
    o Label: 4.5

    Exactly what you want hot sauce to look like!

    You can actually smell the freshness!

    Simply amazing! Fresh and delicious! I’m so impressed with its ability to pair with so many different things!

    It is the perfect amount of hotness!

    This is absolutely the best Hot Pepper Sauce I’ve ever tasted! I put it on almost everything! Steak, eggs, wings, etc! But I especially love it on hot dogs! The freshness and consistency are like heaven in your mouth!

  6. admin

    The best hot sauce I have had in a very long time. Glad I saw and met you at the Meadowlands Flea Market. I will be sure to order more when I run low. – Eric Engelhardt

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